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A Typical Day for Clients at CHRC

Every day at CHRC is designed to provide a balance of structured programming and free time.  Structure and discipline provide the external support our clients need to stay engaged in productive activities while informal time gives them time and space to reflect and process the challenges of transformation.

Every weekday morning, clients will receive a gentle morning wake-up call allowing them time to prepare for the day ahead.  While natural early-risers may not require support in the mornings, it is not unusual for our clients to come in with disordered sleeping and waking patterns.  Before clients sit down together for a delicious breakfast, clients are encouraged to grab a cup of coffee and gather together at 7:30a for a Morning Motivation session.  This daily ritual helps our clients get used to looking forward to the opportunities and challenges of the day ahead with gratitude and optimism.

Breakfast is served at 8:00 am by one of our talented chefs. The meal is balanced with healthy fats, proteins, fibers, and nutrients to complement our orthomolecular supplementation program.

After breakfast, clients will begin their day with a morning group session led by one of our psychotherapists or addiction counsellors.  Every group session in our 6-week “Recovery Toolbox” curriculum is designed to equip our clients with the skills and knowledge they need for a sustainable and balanced life in recovery.  Group sessions are often psycho-educational discussions, but clients are invited to expand their perspective through weekly yoga, art therapy, spirituality, and nutrition sessions.

A morning nutritional smoothie after morning group becomes the kick-off to the days first block of free time until lunch.  Clients have many options – they are welcome to work out in our gym, walk on our trails, develop a new friendship, play some guitar, read a book, or catch up on a Netflix episode. Free time segments are also utilized to schedule one-on-one sessions with psychotherapists, nutritionists, and adjunctive therapies, such as auricular acupuncture.

After a tasty lunch served at noon, clients head to an afternoon group most days from 1-2p.

Between afternoon group and supper at 5p, and after another nutritional smoothie, clients are again faced with a generous chunk of free time where our clients learn to balance reflection and processing with socialization and recreation.

After supper, clients gather for their final group session of the day from 6-7p.

Evening group is followed with more free time for the rest of the evening.  Healthy rituals and patterns are encouraged with a healthy snack provided every evening at 8p and the expectation that all screens will be turned off by 10p on weeknights and 11p on weekends.

Clients always look forward to Wednesday afternoons as an opportunity to get out of the centre for a change of scenery.  We provide a variety of recreational options that give clients the chance to bond and practice having good clean fun out in the community.  Clients can choose between activities such as bowling, golfing or learning to throw axes at the Peterborough Axe Club.

Every month our clients also have 2 unique chances to enjoy outdoor adventure programming.  We work with staff from The Land Canadian Adventures to run a monthly Wednesday afternoon survival bushcraft skills workshop and a monthly offsite day-trip to the Kawartha Highlands for canoe or snowshoe adventure.

A big part of recovery is learning to manage the discomfort of boredom.  We intentionally scale back the formal programming on weekends to give our clients space to practice keeping themselves busy with healthy activities.  While we still continue with morning and evening group sessions, clients have all afternoon to themselves on weekend afternoons.  Sunday mornings are always a client favourite because they have the chance to have a CHRC alumni join the group through Zoom to share their recovery story and answer questions.  Perhaps the biggest highlight of weekends during Stage 3 of the COVID19 pandemic is the opportunity to arrange 1 hour physically distanced visits with loved ones during the afternoons.

For a more detailed description of our daily programming or a copy of our current client schedule, please contact our admissions team. 

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