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We made it our mission to build a better treatment model and improve success.

Lasting Recovery

At Canadian Health Recovery Centre, we understand the importance of finding the right help. People suffering from addiction who have sought help and not found relief tend to lose hope, which can lead to tragic outcomes.  When dealing with addiction and mental health, a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approach does not work.  

At CHRC, our ground-breaking treatment approach is designed to address our clients’ specific needs and provide the personal attention required to reach their recovery goals.  Research shows that abstinence does not equate to recovery – and without effective treatment, the cycle of addiction will often continue. Our program is designed to treat the whole person – not just the addiction.

Defining success is necessary to be able to effectively measure success. Using a success rate as a determining factor in choosing a treatment centre would only be useful if there was a standard method of measuring success for addiction treatment – there is not.

While we have an excellent reputation, impressive testimonials, and can confidently advise that CHRC’s success rates are higher than the standard, we do not publish a success rate as there is no standard tool with which to measure. If you are doing your research and are relying on a published success rate from a treatment centre, we encourage you to scrutinize the basis in which the centre has established their numbers.

Recovery is a process, and it is unique to each person. Some leave treatment never to return to their past behaviours, and some experience relapse, or lapse, in their recovery journey – this is not failure, this is part of recovery.

At CHRC, we appreciate that while no one is capable of perfection, we are all capable of making progress. Our definition of success is anchored in a commitment to preparing our clients with the tools and resources they need to live a life of sustainable recovery progress. 

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