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The Canadian Health Recovery Centre has given us everything – a new life, hope, stability, tools, life-long friends and a future! I cannot thank you enough! We were just spinning our wheels before, and “D” was on the verge of losing everything. Now, less than a year later, he’s started his own company and is doing so much better than I ever could have dreamed! What I really like about CHRC is that they teach you tools and include the family in the process and help everyone to understand the process, and that it is a process. It’s because of this, we are experiencing a successful recovery. Also, CHRC were there for us during two extremely difficult situations and it is very reassuring to know they will always be there. CHRC doesn’t treat you like a number – you are special and considered a valuable part of society – very important to “D’s” recovery.  I also did the lessons that “D” brought home with him and have learned a lot. Thank you for saving us.

– N. (spouse of CHRC, alumni)

I’ll first start off by telling you I am a drug addict. I have been a drug addict since Grade 9. I am now 31. I first started out smoking weed then to perks. I first started out smoking weed in my teens and half of my twenties. During that time I used pretty much every drug out there from cocaine to crystal meth to valium to hallucinogens. Then I went from drinking and smoking weed every day to doing oxys once in a while. But then once in a while turned into a 6 year habit. That cost me everything I owned, everything I loved, and everyone I cared about. So once I hit bottom with that I figured I that I wanted to get clean so I thought that Methadone would be the best choice. I thought I would just be on it for 6 months to a year. But that 6 months to a year turned into a 4 year roller coaster ride. I thought that, because I wasn’t using my drug of choice, that I didn’t have a problem.

Little did I know that 4 years was a sentence to no life, no future, and basically what I like to call “liquid handcuffs.” I then knew I needed professional help. So I got myself down to 30mg of Methadone because that was the requirement for the other treatment centre. I showed up and expected to be helped and counselled well. That didn’t happen. I would have been better off in jail. I spent 2 weeks at that place and finally left because they were either just not good at what they did or didn’t care. So the day I left I went straight home. I walked, crawled, and lied down in the deepest part of Hell. I was sick with no sleep for 2 weeks at a time. I then found out about CHRC. I knew I needed help but was very scared and afraid that this place would be like the last. But I had to give it a chance; I had to give something a chance; I had to get my life back.

The day I arrived at CHRC I had lost 30 pounds in a month and I was whiter than a ghost. I was also dragging my coffin with my left foot. For my first week I felt like garbage – death even. But even feeling the way I did this place was better than the former treatment centre. I spent 6 weeks here and this place gave me my life back. I felt like a normal person again. I was very happy, healthy physically and mentally. The day-to-day structure is something I need – from the counsellor to the food to the physical activity. I walked out of here feeling better than I have felt in many years. As a matter of fact, I felt safe and respected while I was here and was not treated like the typical “addict” I was. I owe my life to this place and owe the staff here more than I could ever give back. Thank you very much.

– G., CHRC Alumnus

Our entire family would like to thank you for getting our son back to us. It is truly the best Christmas gift that we could get. From Will who was our first point of contact, to Jodi who let me rant, rave and cry, to George and Sheena, his assigned counsellors, to Deborah who showed him a healthier way to eat, to P.J., Justin, Brittany, Nick and the many counsellors who I know that I’ve not listed but hold with the same esteem, and to Chef Steve who shared his love of reading, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please know that “J” talks about each and everyone one of you often and fondly. You not only gave our son the tools to work with to continue moving forward himself – with the family program you gave us the tools to help let go of the past. He has dreams and plans once again.  The transformation in “J” physically, mentally and emotionally is amazing and the relationship now within our family is one that we thought we would never get back.

George (counsellor) told me one day that the answer to every question moving forward is “it depends”, “it depends on the choice that J. makes”.  “J” has taught me that it isn’t that he can’t do something, it is that he chooses not to do something.

Our son is in contact with the guys that he met while a ‘guest’ at CHRC and I believe they help one another. He considers them to be lifelong friends with a common goal. Moving forward “J” knows that there will be up and down days for him as there is for everyone, but he now believes and accepts that there are people who are there for him within his family and friends that he’s had forever, and now he has his CHRC family and friends. He knows that each and every one is only a phone call away.

Thank you for all that you have done for our family. You are Angels.

– Alumnus Family Letter

The Canadian Health Recovery Centre saved my life. When I came to find out information about the program, I was greeted with such optimism a decision to change was made instantly. 5 weeks seemed like so much time but by day 2 I felt such a strong presence of life. The comfortable atmosphere, top notch food, and amazing staff made it feel like home. It took only 4 days to have huge revelations and was completely changed. I became excited for every group, one on one, and to work out hard. It feels like a family unit and wasn’t long before I was prompted to dig deep. I found things I never knew I had to deal with but felt amazing to get out.

Every day got more amazing and my smile became infectious. The entire staffs’ encouraging words and compliments made it hard not to feel incredible. The diet made my body feel fantastic.  I was getting the entire package. Half way through the program I had felt better than I had in 10 years. I no longer referred to it as rehab, but a restoration garage turning me into a 69 Camaro. We are all classics in need of TLC. Before I knew it I gained 18lbs of muscle clarity and a new family! The time had flew by. On my last day it was tears, hugs, and I love yous. Where else do you get that? I felt accomplished and secure in my sobriety, ready to take on the world. I will always hold a very special place in my heart for CHRC and its staff and visit regularly to show my success and visit my new extended family. Thank you and love every person at the CHRC. My success will be their success as well!

– J., CHRC Alumnus

CHRC changed my perspective on life. The staff has shown me that my drug addiction was not the problem, but simply a symptom. The focus was on the underlying pain which caused me to use drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy. They helped implement assertive communication skills into my life, as well as mindfulness techniques that help me to regulate my emotions. Thanks to this experience I now possess the tools to move forward in my life and further grow as an individual and a family member.

– K., CHRC Alumnus

I am writing this email with such happiness within my heart. I can’t find words to express my thanks for what you and the CHRC have done for my brother and our family. Cathy, you were the light when our family was consumed with darkness, especially my brother. Your endless patience understanding and motivating words via numerous telephone conversations kept us strong and hopeful until my brother registered into the center. We took a huge leap of faith when registering him into the center by trusting both the CHRC and the timing. Our culture is not responsive to these types of treatments and therapy but trust me, we do not regret the decision we made. The transformation that took place in my brother’s life during his 6-weeks stay at the CHRC was beyond our imagination.

Seeing my brother so happy and positive is priceless. He told me that he tried so many times to abstain from substance abuse but never was he given the tools, education, understanding and clarification which he received at the center. Now, he is truly empowered and motivated. The Orthomolecular diet has reversed his medical conditions and for that we are forever grateful to the CHRC and Nonie. Our humble thank you to the caring and supportive staff at the center. Everyone was so compassionate and accepting towards him and made his stay very comfortable. Thank you.

– K., Sister of CHRC Alumnus

CHRC is truly miraculous. My experience will last a lifetime and I am forever grateful for the love and care they provided in my 35 day residential treatment. The staff is incredible. That anxious drive to the facility on my first night was overwhelming. I was met with open arms and open hearts and that welcoming feeling never left my side. The management staff is kind, creative and have developed something special. Their wisdom is evident and the course is eye-opening and thought provoking, focusing on treating the whole person, it’s life changing. The counsellors are extremely knowledgeable and are always willing to provide a helping hand.

The relationship I developed with myself is a blessing. They aren’t pushy, but are precise and provide you with the seed, the seed that you have the opportunity to water and fertilize. I put my heart into this program and I leave with a new life, a blossoming flower. The facility is great! There is lots of space if you want alone time, great activities for recreation, comfortable furniture, a brand new gym with more than enough equipment, there is always something to do. The residence is updated and safe. The rooms are clean and modern, the beds are warm and comfy. I can’t say enough good things about CHRC and would recommend the program to anyone battling any sort of addiction, any age. I am almost sad to leave! 5/5 stars.

– R., CHRC Alumnus

WOW! Canadian Health Recovery Centre is exactly what it says: Health and Recovery. It’s not only about the addiction, but also about finding yourself, going through emotions, mindfulness, and handling stress. The staff right from the owners, directors, counsellors, chefs, nutritionist, nurse practitioner, and fitness trainers are the very best. Nutrition plays a big part in recovery. I can’t say enough about this place, it saved my life. Thanks to all.

– T., CHRC Alumnus

My name is not needed for this journey I am about to share with you… October 2, 2015 was the day in my life where I started to change everything about myself. I was a non-spiritual, void of feelings, empty shell of a man that walked through the doors of CHRC. I made my way to check in and had to stop at the bathroom to gain my composure so I would not cry in front of intake staff. I hated to show my true feelings and I did not understand them. The two wonderful ladies who helped me get through the intake told me that is would be ok. I was in the right place. Their calm and positive demeanor soothed my nervousness to help me get through the process. I have been struggling with being different for the past 22 years and made a soul searching decision to get help for myself.

I feel that CHRC found me and I found them. During my stay here I began to understand why I was different than other people. The people that were brought together to run CHRC laid the seeds for me to grow and when I fell or stumbled they were there to pick me up or guide me on my way. I learned about many things, I learned about my body and what things need to be changed and altered. My eyes were opened to new foods and a new diet that is healthy and tastes good. The diet and supplements helped me with my cravings and mood swings and I follow this diet on a day to day basis. Don’t get me wrong, I had my moments while at CHRC but the staff were patient, understanding and helped to guide me through those more difficult times. I feel like they are my family here, my whole life has changed and CHRC was a big part of it. I walked in here a broken man, void of feelings, didn’t love myself and I could not go on living like that. My journey at CHRC has helped me to become a spiritual and grounded new person to aide me in my new life.

– R., CHRC Alumnus

After 40 years of alcohol and substance abuse, and several failed attempts at rehab, I was both hopeful and reluctant to consider another treatment program. I suffered several huge traumas as a child and again as a teenager and have come to realize that drinking and using drugs became part of my survival techniques. I functioned well at times in my life but never seemed to maintain the successes. I battled clinical depression, anxiety and was diagnosed with PTSD 8 years ago. I was unable to handle the emotional pain or reality so I stayed in a state of fog and denial with substance and alcohol abuse. Lacking life skills, and learning only hurt, anger and abandonment as a child, I was forced to face the world on my own at the age of 15. With no sense of self anything, I faced a life of sorrow, emptiness, and a need to control everybody and everything. The inability to trust added to this toxic mixture. I destroyed every relationship I ever entered into and hurt a lot of people along the way. Unable to gain love or acceptance from my father, I looked for it in everybody else in my life. 

With the help of a loving and caring sibling, I signed up for this program not only empty of but ignorant about trust, love, self-esteem, self-worth, empathy, respect, assertiveness, integrity, honesty, boundaries and self-control. Buried deep in depression from the loss of my youngest sister and only brother in the last 18 months, I showed up at CHRC a lost and broken man.  The first thing I noticed was how friendly and approachable the staff was, from the owners to the maintenance crew; I was welcomed with a smile. By the end of day one, I already started to feel something starting to stir inside of me and I realized for the first time in my life I felt that I belonged. When I first learned there would be no wheat or sugar in my new diet, I was concerned as I love my pasta, toast and sweets, but I quickly adapted as the meals being served to me were delicious. The recipes were created by a highly respected nutritionist with a passion for healthy mind and body. I clicked immediately with my primary counsellor and within a few days, decided I would risk the very thing that hurt me so many times and give trust one more try.

That again paid off and within a week I could feel a sense of trust with all counsellors on staff. The fitness program was a big challenge for me as I suffered with arthritis in both shoulders and knees, but with the help of an understanding and very knowledgeable fitness instructor, we started a program to strengthen the areas we could. Within 2 weeks I had full range of motion in both affected areas which I credited to diet. The inflammation had completely disappeared and I could now enjoy a full fitness program.

Motivated by the understanding that the program focused on the emotional and life skills that I lacked so much in, I was hungry for all that I could learn. I had no idea what lay ahead of me. Between one on one and group therapy, I was able both to learn and grow in every area that I lacked and was practicing the skills by the end of week three. The addiction portion of the program was very informative and helped me to understand why I used and how it got so out of control. As I sit here now on my last day and reflect on it all, I feel eternally grateful for an amazing program, wonderful people and the fact that I am walking out a healthy, happy, well rounded man. Thank you CHRC for giving me my new life, love and happiness forever.

– T., CHRC Alumnus

My recovery at the CHRC has been nothing short of miraculous. The knowledge and skills that I have obtained will impact the rest of my life, I am moving ahead transformed – focused, confident and a joyful person. The breakthroughs along the way pertaining to mind, body, and health are due to meticulous planning, attentiveness of the staff and owners, as well as the comfort provided, complimented by a real sense of family. I truly believe that the CHRC is leading edge and is unparalleled. If I were to sum up this one of a kind program in one word, it would be “Paramount.”

– J., CHRC Alumnus

I have to start off by saying before I met the orthomolecular nutritionist at the Canadian Health Recovery Centre, my life was a complete disaster. I was a perfect example of an intervention type of addict. I was eating once a day and sleeping 14 hours a day. My whole life was about using and how to continue using to avoid withdrawal. The last ten years I’ve tried 5 other rehab centres, countless 1 week detox centres, methadone/soboxone maintenance treatment and medical marijuana. As much as I hated my life, I could not stop using opiates. From my experience in other rehab centres, over 70% of the clients using the drugs I was using don’t make it past the first week in treatment. She assured me this was not the case in her practice and treating opiate addiction was effective as long as I followed her program. 

She was so confident and made me feel the same, so I immediately trusted her. I never experienced nutrition paleo based diet and supplements before. I did everything she told me and I’ve never been happier in my life. My parents, brother, sister-in-law, and 1 year old baby niece all switched to the same diet and within 1 week seen a dramatic difference! My father’s blood pressure is normal, my brother is no longer pre-diabetic and cholesterol is back to normal and it will help my baby niece to be healthy, through all the stages in her life. Before CHRC I was convinced my addiction was impossible to beat. And I know some of you addicts feel and think like me. Please call Canadian Health Recovery Centre and get your life back.

– M., CHRC Alumnus

Wow! Where to start with my experience at the CHRC? The main thing that places this centre above others in my opinion is the staff. Every single staff member, from the owners, to the chefs, groundskeepers, counsellors, nutritionist, nurse practitioner etc. seems to care so much about helping. The owners (who have hearts of gold themselves), have managed to put together an all-star team of individuals dedicated to helping others. Never once have I felt like “just a patient” or “a number”. I was treated as a real person. A real individual, whose personal needs and opinions were always considered. This group of people has made me feel like nothing short of family. I can’t say enough how lucky I feel to even meet these individuals, let alone get to know them and learn from them.

The program itself is, in my opinion, a winning formula. The holistic approach, teaching about the overall ways of a healthy lifestyle combined with specific education on recovery will be a successful approach for anyone who is willing to put the work in. Top notch nutritionists have helped my body heal along with my mind. They even somehow managed to make every meal as delicious as it is nutritious. The chefs here have got to be second to none. I never ate a single meal, or snack, that I didn’t love. Through the nutrition and fitness programs, I have managed to lose fat and add muscle. I look and feel great. The atmosphere is very welcoming and homey. Recovery is a challenge no matter where it takes place, but the CHRC makes you as comfortable as possible while you fight your demons. Beautiful facility on a serene piece of land. I enjoyed connecting with nature while forming bonds with the staff and other clients. I can’t imagine a better place for me to have spent 6 weeks working on myself. I feel like a brand new person, with a positive outlook on life and a renewed sense of strength and optimism. I owe my new life to my wonderful CHRC family.

– E., CHRC Alumnus

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