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Our Program Is Designed Specifically For Men

Canadian Health Recovery Centre is a men-only treatment centre with a program designed exclusively for the needs of recovering men and their families.

Research demonstrates that the separation of men and women during treatment can substantially improve recovery outcomes. This is attributed to an environment that allows male clients to be more emotionally authentic, without distractions, attachments and competition for attention. Gender-specific treatment allows for the focus to remain on recovery and rebuilding relationships at home, rather than creating new ones while in a vulnerable space.

Gender-specific treatment promotes fellowship, brotherhood, and healthy emotional connections that are often lacking during active addiction. It allows men to focus on changing habits and working on new strategies to cope with a group of men, working through similar things.

Our inpatient residential program has been developed to reflect the needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually of the male population. It also provides a male-specific nutritional program and diet.  Our nutritional program has been developed with an emphasis on male health and the program’s diet developed around the nutritional and caloric needs of a male body.

CHRC has staff available to work with families through our Family Matters workshop, Family Information and Tools Series (FITS), and family counselling sessions.

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