Aaron Holbrough

Aaron Holbrough

Spiritual Coach

Aaron earned his Bachelor of Theology degree 23 years ago and has spent the last two decades speaking, teaching, creating and pondering aspects of faith, both in religious communities and outside. Aaron’s passion for his work stems from observing the beautiful and sometimes ugly relationship between our humanity and our search for deeper meaning. Aaron’s experience as a faith communicator has led him across Canada as a conference and festival speaker for nearly two decades.  For three years Aaron taught Creative Spirituality at Seminary, and has decades of experience working in progressive faith communities as both pastor and consultant.  In the last 5 years Aaron has travelled internationally as a design strategist and collaborator with the theideascafe.com helping faith based organizations recognize and strategize the need for change.  At the CHRC, Aaron facilitates a weekly group discussion around the themes of spirituality, designed to inspire and challenge clients to rediscover or consider this tool in their recovery.  This weekly session provides opportunity to both deconstruct and unlearn creating space to hold these difficult ideas in a whole new way. Aaron is also available to meet with clients one-on-one to help work through individual roadblocks and create a forward-looking approach to spirituality.  Aaron has also started a spirituality online community called respark for those on the journey of sobriety.

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