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What sets us apart

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Canadian Health Recovery Centre offers its guests a recovery program that is holistic. This means we look to address all areas of need for each guest on an individual level.  Our approach differs from other programs as we view addiction recovery as something that requires treatment on a biochemical and psychological level. These two areas must be addressed together for lasting recovery.

CHRC has created an inpatient residential program that offers more than your traditional model of addictions treatment or a 12-step program.  We look to address biochemical imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and neurological conditions that underlie addictive behaviour.  In conjunction with the use of several therapeutic models such as cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy, our program is able to give guests the tools necessary to achieve success in recovery.  Our program cannot be found in any other rehab in Ontario.

At CHRC we are changing the status quo on recovery.  Our holistic treatment model focusses on treating the whole person, not just the addiction.  We look to understand the driving factors behind use on a biochemical and psychological level and then work to rectify these areas.

We provide our clients with a multitude of resources to begin recovery related to mental health, physical health and spiritual healing.

CHRC offers a state of the art program which focusses on all aspects of addiction and recovery and views them as equally important in the recovery process.

Our registered psychotherapists and addiction counsellors work closely with our nutrition team and wellness instructors to ensure each client’s needs are met.  Our compassionate and caring team members work collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for each individual client.


Never let your past keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do”

– Pete Wilson, Let Hope In

Orthomolecular Support

Research in medicine and neuroscience has shown that social-emotional factors contribute to substance use behaviour.

We are now learning that the brain chemistry of a person struggling with substance use is different than that of a person who is not using substances. The lifestyle choices connected with substance use can also impact a person’s physical health.  This can mean the depletion of important nutrients, which over time, interferes with brain function and can reinforce the cycle of addiction.

Our program offers the tools needed to rebalance the body on a biochemical level through our individualized orthomolecular supplementation protocols.  As the body rebuilds, it provides the necessary means for improved mental health.  A healthy body and mind can reduce cravings, support better mood regulation, better self-control, and reduce physical and emotional pain.  Our Nutrition in Recovery program provides a specialized diet and works with nutritional supplementation to rebalance the body, target cravings, and facilitate mental-emotional health. Our orthomolecular model to treatment cannot be found in any other residential treatment program in Ontario.

New research and technologies have allowed for mapping of the brain which has given us a better understanding of how it functions.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Program

Previously, we believed that the brain could not be re-wired, however, this is not the case.  Research has shown that the brain is quite plastic into adulthood and can be re-wired and new neuropathways can be developed.  This is called Neuroplasticity. This means that thoughts, feelings, and behaviours can be changed and overcome through counselling, practice, and technique.

Neuropathways are the connecting pathways that allow for thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors to occur.  When we do the same thing many times we develop a neuropathway, an easy way for our brain to get from step A to step B.  Sometimes those pathways we have created and reinforced are not healthy. CHRC helps clients identify these unhealthy behaviors and begin to create new neuropathways that connect to healthier thought patterns and behaviors.

We understand that it takes time and effort for the old neuropathways to shut down, which makes choosing inpatient treatment at CHRC that much more important.  Our staff are available around the clock to provide clients the support they need to reinforce these new neuropathways.

At the Canadian Health Recovery Centre, we work with our clients to help them change the most habitual unhealthy behaviour patterns seen in addiction.  We recognize the importance of working with guests on an individual level for personal recovery.  We offer private counselling sessions as well as group sessions that involve cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy models.  The continued work in both one-on-one sessions and group is an integral piece to the healing process and reinforcing new behaviours.

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What sets us apart

Adjunctive Wellness Programs

Our yoga and meditation wellness program offer clients the opportunity to work on reconnecting with one’s thoughts and feelings in a guided manner.  Meditation offers clients the opportunity to train the mind to be calm with intention. 

We offer Art therapy so clients are able to express themselves in many ways, and on many different levels.  Art therapy offers guests the opportunity to explore their inner thoughts and feelings in a different way than traditional treatment centre counselling modalaties. 

Wellness programming such as auricular acupuncture, training in the gym, using the near-infrared sauna, and massage therapy are great outlets to reduce stress, anxiety, and to recollect thoughts.  These wellness resources also offer related health benefits. 

Our centre offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week counselling staff on-site to ensure guests will always have access to professionals.  We offer exceptional client to staff ratios to best support our client’s needs. 

Spiritual counselling and support are offered through group and individual sessions.  Often clients enter our program feeling lost, unwanted, neglected or misunderstood which can be driving factors to addiction and substance use.  We offer our clients the support, time and space to learn about their true self, and begin to project that self-image.   For some, guilt and anxiety can limit their ability to recover.  Through our counselling and spiritual coaching, clients are better able to identify who they want to be, and put plans in place to be that person without substances.   

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“Spiritual work and psychological work are both necessary to reclaim our true selves”

– Gabor Mate, M.D, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Family Matters

CHRC has a program developed with family in mind.

The founders of CHRC are family members who worked together to create a program unlike any other residential treatment program in Ontario.  Two major components are; connecting the client with the family and the family with the client.  Often addiction and mental health can lead to a disconnect between family members and in turn can lead to more issues or concerns.

CHRC has created a program that strives to help our clients not only rebuild those relationships but also afford family members the opportunity to begin their journey of healing with counselling and education.  With a better understanding of each individual’s situation, empathy can develop, and healing may begin.

We encourage our clients to invite their family members and loved ones for visits on weekends.  Our clients are not just a number at CHRC.  Our excellent client to staff ratio offers all staff the opportunity to get to know clients on a personal level.  This helps clients begin to build healthy relationships with boundaries and structures that can be relayed over to others when they return home.  

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