U.S. Resident Savings

As a result of a strong U.S. dollar and the conversion rate, U.S. residents can realize a significant savings for our world-class addiction center, located one hour outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Transportation from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to the Canadian Health Recovery Centre will be provided.

Please call for more information on our residential treatment program, rates and availability.  

20% – 25% Savings

…depending on the current conversion rates.  In general, our typical service costs are similar to what it would cost in the United States but before the current conversion rate.

Example:    Cost of service in U.S. = $15,000     vs.     Cost of service in Canada = $15,000 CAD

Sample Conversion Rate:   $1 CAD = .75 USD      ($1 USD = $1.33 CAD)

$15,000 CAD would cost a U.S. citizen approximately $11,250 USD

Estimated Savings:   $3,750 USD


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Canadian Health Recovery Centre accepts cheques, money orders, Visa, MasterCard and debit. For our US clients, payment can be made in US dollars and the exchange rate at time of payment will be applied. Full payment is required before or on admission.



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