Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Recovery is possible

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a structured type of psychotherapy done individually or in groups. Clients and therapists work collaboratively to help clients gain control of their behaviours and alleviate their distress, so they feel more helpful and are better equipped to address future situations.

Clients have the opportunity to learn techniques to identify and modify their negative thoughts and cognitive distortions. Clients are provided with various self-monitoring tools and complete homework between sessions to enhance and practice the skills learned. The completion of homework between sessions is essential for the individual to see growth and development in their recovery journey. Through CBT, clients learn to change how they think (cognition) and what they do (behaviour), and this has an impact on how they feel.

Clients learn to interpret events through a different lens which may help to ease emotional distress. The individual will be offered an opportunity to work through their thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. The clinician will then assist clients with discovering and practicing healthy and adaptive alternatives.

Clinicians offer clients the opportunity to explore various tools they made need to make effective change in their lives. The treatment can be adapted to a client’s unique problems and needs.

CBT is an effective therapy for individuals concerned with depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, and addiction.

Each day and especially on weekends I wake up sober and not hungover I appreciate my life more. I know my family has been extremely supportive and happy for this new life as well. I thank you all as well for the help and support to be able to learn and use the tools needed in living this life that is about my family and health. 

– CHRC Alumni

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