Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose private residential treatment over publicly funded residential treatment?

Gateway’s Residential Treatment program can provide supports, services, and care that government-funded programs cannot afford to make available.

  • Our facility has a capacity of 32 clients. This allows for smaller group sizes, more individual sessions, and more staff to offer individualized supports in the moment.
  • Wait times for entry are significantly shorter than government-funded residential treatment. Admissions are usually scheduled in days – not weeks or months like publicly funded alternatives!
  • The atmosphere we create for our clients is more like an executive retreat and less like an institution or hospital.
  • We surround guests with healthy healing options. We address addiction by integrating physical, mental, and biological resources.

How is Gateway Recovery Centre different than 12-step programs?

Gateway is supportive of 12-step programs; however, we have come appreciate the increased effectiveness that comes from integrating our clients in a biopsychosocial spiritual approach. Gateway focuses on the whole body and specifically targets each piece of the body, mind, and spirit to support clients to achieve lasting recovery.

Through our Nutrition in Recovery Program clients learn that without rebalancing the body chemistry to reduce or eliminate cravings, a person will continually struggle to maintain sobriety, increasing the risk of relapse. Biochemical rebalancing is only one component of recovery, but it is a vital component. Biochemical rebalancing, combined with effective talk therapies and a treatment plan that includes support and education in diet, nutritional supplements, personal fitness, and lifestyle choices, results in the rate of success for lifetime sobriety being drastically improved.

How long can I attend Gateway?

Our seven-week Trauma and Psychological Injury Program (TPIP) focuses on effective treatment for workplace trauma experienced uniquely by those in high intensity professions. Our nine-week Concurrent Trauma and
Addiction Program (CTAP) is designed to specifically treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and operational stress injuries (OSI) at the same time as a substance addiction.

What is the facility at Gateway like?

Gateway has been designed to give clients a feeling of comfort and encourage clients to make this feel like home.

Clients can enjoy our cozy living rooms that allow clients a comfortable place to relax. This space is often where clients can be found reading or connecting with other clients through a puzzle or a game of chess. The living room also has a TV allowing clients to stay keep up with their favourite programs.

Gateway has a games room where you can often find clients engaging in a friendly game of pool, shuffleboard, ping pong, air hockey, or darts. Outside we have a basketball court, volleyball net, hockey net, horseshoe pits, bocce ball set, walking trails, and a fire pit for campfires.

Gateway also offers a full media room, library, music room, infrared sauna, and yoga studio. See our facility pictures to get a sense of the healing space you will be coming in to.

Can you accommodate special diets?

Our chefs, together with our nutritionists, have created a specialized meal plan that is an integral part of our healing program. Our unique Nutrition in Recovery program will greatly reduce the time needed for detox and assist in recovery on a deeper, biochemical level. We are committed to supporting clients with special diets, allergies, and dietary restrictions.  Your dietary needs should be discussed early in your admission process.

What is included in the cost?

While you are at Gateway, all amenities on site are included in the cost of the program. 1:1 therapy, group therapy, Nutrition in Recovery program, accommodation, supplementation, fitness consultation and gym session, yoga, art therapy, auricular acupuncture, kombucha, laundry, phone calls, and internet access are all a part of the Gateway program. We do recommend our guests bring spending money for incidentals, as we do have a concierge who will do some shopping for clients. Social recreation is also a part of Gateway program, and we organize weekly activities away from our Centre. We have arranged for special pricing at our neighboring golf club and axe club. We also have monthly canoe/snowshoeing adventures and as well as other options like our local escape maze, bowling and go-karting. Upon request, we can also arrange for a local barber and massage therapist to come onsite to provide their services at a reasonable rate.  We provide secure storage for all cash and valuables while at the Centre.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, we encourage visits from families or people in your circle of support after the first week of treatment.  Visits occur Saturdays and Sundays between 1pm and 4pm. Privacy and confidentiality are important to our guests and we expect our staff and visitors to respect and uphold our privacy policy. We will accept calls or visits only from authorized family and friends as indicated by our guests and approved by our clinical staff.

Due to COVID-19 our visitation policy has had to change to follow Peterborough Public Health regulations. We are still able to offer visits however clients sign family members up in advance and visits are an outdoor socially distanced visit. Gateway will speak to all visitors and guests about these policies prior to visits.

If I leave treatment early is my payment refundable?

Full payment is required upon arrival but we encourage clients to use their first 3 days to see if Gateway is the right fit for them. If a client feels that the program is not a good fit within the first 3 days, they will receive their program fees back minus the admission fee. If a client needs to leave after 3 days, ask client will have 120 days to come back and use their remaining treatment days.  Please be sure to ask our admission specialists to explain any of your questions about our refund policy.

An admission fee is required to hold a client’s space at Gateway, if a client does not attend Gateway, the admission fee would be refunded.

What is the wait time for entering treatment?

Wait times for treatment do vary, however, Gateway is committed to getting clients into treatment as fast and safely as possible. There are a few important pieces to know. We do require clients to have a minimum of 72 hours abstinence from all substances. Our admission team will make recommendations and support clients to access withdrawal management supports if required. Due to the current pandemic, clients are currently required to provide a negative COVID test to be able to enter treatment. Getting this test done and wait times for results vary but are typically around 2-3 days. Isolation during this time may be possible at Gateway depending on space available.  Because your well-being is so important to us, we may also require medical documentation confirming that you are cleared to participate in residential treatment.

An admission fee is required to hold a client’s space at Gateway, if a client does not attend Gateway, the admission fee would be refunded.

How can I stay connected with loved ones while at treatment?

Gateway is committed to supporting clients and families to stay connected through this process. Gateway offers a program that requires intensive internal reflection and growth. Too often people can get lost in their work or social media and put very little focus on their needs or health.  We offer guests the opportunity to break free from these unhealthy connections which makes it easier to focus on being fully engaged in individual and group programming.  We help our guests filter outside the distractions from cellphones, social media, and work. After the first week, a client can access Gateway’s computers and in-house telephones to make calls, zoom, skype or email loved ones. Clients are encouraged to bring a list of phone numbers with them of healthy supportive people they will want to call during their stay.

An admission fee is required to hold a client’s space at Gateway, if a client does not attend Gateway, the admission fee would be refunded.

How will loved ones know how a client is doing?

During the admission process, our clients will have the opportunity to decide who they would like their point of contact to be. Your point of contact is the person who will receive updates from Gateway staff. The point of contact is encouraged to share this information with your chosen support circle. Clients also decide which level of disclosure their point of contact has. Clients will also approve who can call them at treatment.

An admission fee is required to hold a client’s space at Gateway, if a client does not attend Gateway, the admission fee would be refunded.

How will loved ones be supported through this process?

Clients will have the opportunity to offer their loved one’s ability to participate in our bi-monthly Family Matters workshop. This is a two-hour Zoom session that looks at understanding addiction, healthy boundaries, enabling behaviour, communication, and how to rebuild trust. Clients that opt for our 6-week program will be able to have their loved one receive two 1:1 sessions with our family counsellor to discuss how this process has affected them, what to expect at discharge, boundaries, enabling behaviour, and communication prior to their loved one returning home.

An admission fee is required to hold a client’s space at Gateway, if a client does not attend Gateway the admission fee would be refunded.

Is there help with financing?

Gateway partners with Medicard to help break down the cost of treatment into more manageable payments. You can access information and apply at

Where are you located?

We are located at 2225 Lansdowne St. W. on the outskirts of Peterborough, Ontario, in the Kawarthas. We are 1 hour northeast from Toronto, 3 hours west of Ottawa.

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