Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 2225 Lansdowne St. W. on the outskirts of Peterborough, Ontario, in the Kawarthas. We are an hour northeast from Toronto, 2 ½ hours west of Ottawa. (Click here to view map.)

How can I get there if I don't have a car?

In most cases, we prefer that our clients not drive themselves. If you are unable to arrange your own transportation, we will assist you in doing so.
If you arrive by air, one of our staff will meet you at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) or Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ) and drive you to our Centre. After your stay, we will return you to the airport for your flight home.

What can I expect upon arrival?

You can expect to be greeted by a team of kind, caring personnel. CHRC staff know first-hand what you and your loved ones are going through, as everyone here has been touched by addiction personally or through a family member or close friend. Our program is built on respect, guidance, education, compassion, and evidence-based therapies and counselling.
On arrival you will be welcomed by an intake counsellor and administrative staff who will assist you with our admission process and help you get settled in. When you are ready, they will provide you with orientation and a tour of the facility.

How is Canadian Health Recovery Centre different than 12-step programs?

We are supportive of 12-step programs, but for many, 12-step programs simply aren’t the right fit. Our multi-disciplinary team ensures our guests receive the most effective evidence-based interventions. At CHRC we don’t just treat the addiction, we treat the underlying issues and root causes that drive addiction. Our holistic model utilizes the latest in scientific research and evidence-based therapies, including using a nutritional therapy program to rebalance and restore the body’s biochemistry as well as focusing on the brain’s ability to be re-wired through the process of neuroplasticity. We believe that without rebalancing the body chemistry to reduce or eliminate cravings, a person will continually struggle to maintain sobriety, increasing the risk of relapse. Biochemical repair and restoration helps to rebalance body and brain chemistry, providing a key component to lasting recovery and goes-hand-in-hand with our intensive counselling program. A holistic treatment plan that includes psychological, emotional, neurological, and spiritual support along with education in health, nutrition, personal fitness and lifestyle choices, results in the rate of success for lifetime sobriety being drastically improved. We are the only addiction treatment centre in Canada offering a comprehensive treatment program that includes Orthomolecular therapy and biochemical rebalancing.

How long does the program take?

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all treatment solution. Length of stay is determined by the specific needs of each guest. Our programs run in length from 28 to 90 days, but we strongly recommend investing in a minimum of 42 days. Clinical research demonstrates the benefits of longer stays. The addicted brain can change and heal over time, but months or years of substance abuse cannot be undone in a few weeks. It takes time to form new habits. We also provide support after your stay with us for as long as you need, with a tailored aftercare plan and alumni group meetings. Clients who complete a minimum of our 42-day program also have the benefit of a two-week refresher, if required.

(Click here to read more on Length of Stay.)

Do you offer help with detoxing?

We require 72 hours of sobriety prior to entering treatment. If you are not able to enter treatment with 3 days of sobriety from alcohol and drugs, we will require you to discuss detox options with our Clinical Manager. Our orthomolecular program is designed to aid in detoxification and help manage cravings.

What should I bring with me during treatment?

We have compiled a list of items we recommend as well as items that are prohibited during your stay with us.
(Click here for list.)

Can you accommodate special diets?

Our chefs, together with our orthomolecular nutritionist, have created a specialized meal plan and it is an integral part of our program. Our unique orthomolecular nutritional program will greatly reduce the time needed for detox and assist in recovery on a deeper, biochemical level. Our ability to accommodate special diets will be limited, and should be discussed prior to arriving. We will make accommodations for diabetics and food allergies.

What about my medication?

All medication must be pre-approved by our Clinical Manager and packaged in blister packs by the pharmacy before arrival. Medication will be kept in a secure room in a locked safe with your other valuables, and will be accessible only under the supervision of clinical staff. Please bring enough of your prescribed medication to last for your stay at the Centre.

Can I use my cell phone?

No. Treatment requires a break from stressors, distractions and outside contacts. We have phones available for our guests to allow them to maintain contact with family, friends and/or their work or business at designated times. We also provide computers for use by our guests at specified times for Skype and/or to attend to their business needs. We have a strict privacy policy for all our guests and cell phones present a risk to privacy and confidentiality due to the camera capability.

Do I need spending money?

We recommend our guests bring a small amount of spending money for incidentals and activities away from our Centre. We have arranged for special pricing at our neighbouring golf club for those who wish to golf. We provide secure storage for all cash and valuables while at the Centre.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, we encourage visits from families or people in your circle of support; in fact, we strongly recommend them. The first week of treatment, however, is a time of retreat, so we don’t encourage visitors during this time. We offer family group programs, education and support every second weekend. We know that addiction affects the entire family and that family members need to heal, too. We help family members begin the healing process and become part of a healthy recovery plan.

Privacy and confidentiality are important to our guests and we expect our staff and visitors to respect and uphold our privacy policy. We will accept calls or visits only from authorized family and friends as indicated by our guests and approved by our clinical staff.

Is this a faith-based program?

No, however we do offer spiritual guidance and counselling for those who want it. We welcome clients from all religious denominations and promote religious tolerance.

Why pay for treatment when there are government-funded facilities?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a treatment program that will ensure the best chances of long-term recovery and choosing the right program can make all the difference. Private facilities have features that government-funded public facilities simply cannot afford to provide. Our holistic model utilizes the latest in scientific research and evidence-based therapies. Our programs are designed to address our client’s specific needs and provide the personal attention required to reach their recovery goals.

• There is no waiting. Private facilities do fill up, but in most cases can quickly accommodate you or will refer you when they cannot. Most government-funded facilities have long wait-lists of weeks or months and we know that when an individual decides they are ready for treatment, waiting can, in some cases, be the difference between life and death.

• Surroundings do matter. We believe the environment in which you receive treatment plays a role in recovery. We have taken great care in providing a safe and comfortable place to recover with a resort-like atmosphere in a serene rural setting that promotes wellness. We welcome tours and invite you to arrange a personal visit to our facility by calling our toll-free number, 1-844-264-9909.

• One-on-one counselling. We are able to provide a structured program that includes individual counselling so essential to healing and recovery. Our holistic model utilizes the latest in scientific research and evidence-based therapies, including a focus on the brain’s ability to be re-wired through the process of neuroplasticity. Typically, public government-run rehab centres simply do not have the resources to provide a personalized treatment program.

• We have a structured program of aftercare – and we are here for you for as long as you need us.

• We provide a family program, workshops, counselling and support

• We address addiction and support recovery physically, mentally and spiritually. Government-run public facilities do not have the resources to provide an orthomolecular program and specialized diet to address the physical aspects of addiction. The nutritional part of our program is just one of the elements of our program, but it plays an important role in recovery to address and alleviate compulsions and cravings, improve neurotransmitter function, balance blood sugar levels, improve weight and digestion, promote deep detoxification, optimize energy and vitality and reduce chronic inflammation. Nor do government programs typically provide important integrative therapies such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, fitness training, life skills and spiritual counselling that promote health and wellness – and lasting recovery.

If I leave treatment early is my payment refundable?

Full payment is required upon arrival and is non-refundable after the 4th day in treatment. If a client leaves the program within the first 4 days monies paid will be refunded, less $4,000. A client who needs to leave treatment before his discharge date will have the unused days banked for up to six months, allowing him to return to treatment within six months to complete his program.

Is there help with financing?

Yes. We work with Medicard Finance Inc., a third-party financing option.
(Click here for details.)
For more information on treatment cost and payment options, please call our Centre toll-free at 1-844-539-2225.

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