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Watching someone you care about spiral out of control due to alcohol addiction or drunks, become someone you barely recognize can be one of the most stressful and heartbreaking experiences one can go through. Many people express feelings of fear, hopelessness and frustration. Often family doctors are at a loss to help, as they are not addiction specialists and they rely on local 12-step or out-patient programs. Too often these methods have been tried and have not worked, leaving family and friends wondering where to turn for help. Drugs & alcohol addiction treatment is the first step toward recovery.

There is hope and we can help.

In many cases, the person you care about is unaware of the emotional strain and crisis surrounding him and any attempts to reach out to him and intervene are met with denial and anger. Please click here for How to stage an intervention.

The number of doctors, therapists, hospitals and withdrawal management centres that refer clients to the Canadian Health Recovery Centre is growing every day. No one wants to pay for alcohol addiction treatment or a drug addiction program that doesn’t work – over and over again. Employers, unions, insurance companies and families are looking for a better result than what’s been offered for the last 40+ years, because they all lose with the current model.
Our unique program was born out of the shared pain and frustration of failed addiction treatment within our circle of family and friends.

Despite the best traditional treatment, many people continue to live broken lives plagued by cravings, anxiety, depression, relapses  and suicide. The statistics are alarming and we have made it our mission to build a treatment model that has a much higher success rate.

At the Canadian Health Recovery Centre, our approach is vastly different than that of traditional treatment models. We address alcohol addiction as well as drugs addiction as both behavioural and biochemical in nature.

We encourage anyone who has questions to contact us. All calls are confidential and there is never any obligation. We also welcome tours of our facility where we will help you answer your questions about our drugs & alcohol addiction treatments.

We are here to help end the cycle of addiction and change lives for good.

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