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We are here to help and end the cycle of addiction and change lives for good. 

Watching someone you care suffer because of drugs or alcohol can be a heartbreaking experience to go through. Understanding that addiction does not only impact the person using, but also the loved ones around them has led the CHRC team to create a support program that can begin, even before admission to aid in helping someone see the benefit of entering treatment. Often family doctors are at a loss to help, as they are not addiction specialists and they rely on local 12-step or out-patient programs or medications. Too often these methods have been tried and have not worked, leaving family and friends wondering where to turn for help. Our admissions team can guide you through the best process for discussing treatment and provide referrals for an interventionist in your area if necessary.

There is hope and we can help. 
Speaking with our professional admissions team we can guide you through how to coach your loved one. Your loved one may be unaware of the emotional strain and impact his substance use and mental health have on those closest to him. Bringing awareness to the person can be met with resistance, denial, even anger. Managing and navigating these feelings can be difficult- but we can help. Although CHRC does not require a referral, many doctors, therapists, hospitals, and withdrawal centres can also provide support in getting your loved one into treatment.

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