Group Therapy

Why Our Program Works

Clients who participate in group therapy sessions support one another and are united by a common goal: to get and stay sober.

By interacting with others and receiving feedback, clients who participate in group therapy often gain a greater understanding of themselves and the underlying reasons for their behaviour. A client may benefit from group therapy as there are others in the group that share in similar concerns and issues. Receiving feedback from group members can feel supportive and validating. Group therapy is an integral part of our addiction treatment program at Gateway Recovery Centre. We use it in combination with personal one-on-one therapy sessions and family therapy (when desired) to provide clients with a truly comprehensive treatment experience.

How Group Therapy Works

Guided by a psychotherapist or addiction counsellor, members share their stories and experiences and hear from others. No one is forced to share before they are ready, but over time participants usually feel more comfortable sharing with the group and expressing their thoughts and feelings.  When other group members share from their own experience an individual may be able to learn from people who are farther along in their recovery journey.   Group can become a sounding board for individual who are exploring solutions and seeking change.  CHRC is committed to creating safe spaces in which clients can share personal experiences and practice new behaviours without fear of being judged or criticized.

Benefits of Group Therapy
Group therapy provides a safe space where participants can share their thoughts, ideas, and personal experiences without fear of judgment. By building this new community a person may be able to feel less stigmatized and more accepted. They also receive valuable feedback from the therapist and others in the group, which can help them grow. Many people report that being around others who are going through a similar experience helps them feel less alone. Each person brings their own gifts and insights to the group and can serve as role models or support figures for others.

Is Group Therapy Effective in Treating Addiction?

Humans are social beings, yet addiction can be incredibly lonely and isolating. Often people struggling with severe addiction retreat into their own world—they stop doing things they once enjoyed and spend less time with people they care about. Group therapy can be a breath of fresh air for people in recovery. A recent study provides solid evidence of what many people know from experience—that fellowship is the most effective path to abstinence. Group therapy during and after treatment can help clients maintain the motivation to stay sober.

Start Your Recovery Journey at Gateway
Group therapy is an integral part of our men’s inpatient residential programs. Some clients find certain therapeutic methods more helpful than others. Our experienced team of psychotherapists, and addiction counsellors will create a tailored treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and preferences. Our private addiction treatment centre in Peterborough, Ontario sits on 14 wooded acres—an ideal setting for recovery. Our highly trained, compassionate staff provide the care and support you need to get and stay sober. Contact us to learn more about group therapy for addiction treatment at our Ontario men’s rehab.

Each day and especially on weekends I wake up sober and not hungover I appreciate my life more. I know my family has been extremely supportive and happy for this new life as well. I thank you all as well for the help and support to be able to learn and use the tools needed in living this life that is about my family and health. 

– Gateway Alumni

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