Gut Microbiome:

Kerri Mozessohn, CNP, Holistic Nutritionist

Living inside of our gut are billions of tiny microorganisms that help keep us alive and make up our ‘Gut Microbiome.’ Some of these bacteria are considered ‘good’ and support essential functions like the immune response while others are destructive or ‘bad’ and have been linked to disorders ranging from depression and anxiety to arthritis and acne.

Homeostasis is the mechanism which brings our mind, body and soul into a fine balance of health and wellness. Achieving a healthy gut microbiome relies heavily on homeostatic mechanisms and can easily be shifted in and out of balance. The following are some ways in which this can occur:
⦁ A Poor Diet
⦁ Medications
⦁ Chronic Stress
⦁ Alcohol/drug use
⦁ Autoimmune conditions
⦁ Hormone Imbalances
⦁ Poor Blood Sugar Management
⦁ Neurological Problems

How do we heal the gut and bring our internal state back into homeostasis? Dr. Will Cole, a leading functional medicine expert explores these ideas in his article “Everything You Need to Know About Optimal Gut Microbiome Health.” He discusses an elimination diet, food rotation, probiotics, bone broth, intermittent fasting, stress management, eating cooked foods and taking natural supplements as essential to bringing our microbiome back into balance. You can read the full article here:

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