Scholarship Program at Canada Health Recovery Centre (CHRC)

Scholarship Program at Canada Health Recovery Centre (CHRC)

Canada Health Recovery Centre (CHRC) acknowledges the hard work and dedication an individual must put in to achieve their goals and aspirations.

CHRC is putting forth the opportunity for students enrolled in post-secondary education, for alternative funding.  We understand that the costs associated with a higher education can stunt an individual’s potential.

The scholarship is open to any full-time student applying to a Canadian college or University. First-time students, as well as returning students are eligible to apply.

Please read through the application process and apply before December 25th, 2017 for your chance to receive this scholarship.

Application: Four components must be submitted for your entry: (A) Application form, (B) Small writing project, (C) Copy of transcript, (D) Proof of Canadian Residence

(A) Application Form: Click to view and print: Scholarship application. All fields must be filled out.

(B) Small Writing Project: On a website, blog, or online forum, write a 800-1000 word post that highlights how excessive alcohol, drug, and other forms of addiction affect the personal and interpersonal life of the end user.

Criteria for evaluation: the best posts will be creative, expressing your thoughts clearly and concisely, and avoid grammatical or spelling errors. The post must also include a link from the website or blog to the website of CHRC (


(C) Transcript: Include, or have sent, a current transcript (either official or an unofficial printed copy) of your high school grades, along with documentation from a university or college evidencing acceptance of the applicant into a university or college program, to the address below.

(D) Proof of Residence: Include a certified copy of documentation evidencing citizenship or permanent residence

Deadline: Scholarships will be awarded once per year. Submissions will be accepted until December 25th.

Draw Date: The winner will be announced and awarded the candidate on January 5, 2018.

Submit: send completed application to the address below:

c/o of Scholarship Coordinator
Canadian Health Recovery Centre
2225 Lansdowne St West
Peterborough ON K9J 0G5


Scholarship Application Form

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