Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs

At CHRC, clients are screened by phone or in person to assess whether a medical or non-medical detox is required prior to admission. If medical detox is not required, the client upon admission, following assessment and in consultation with our nutritionist, will be given natural supplements to assist with withdrawal and to minimize symptoms. Nutritional supplements will also assist with mood, anxiety, cognitive functioning and a general sense of wellbeing. Auricular acupuncture (Acu-Detox) may also be used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Clients who have been clean and sober for 72 hours (or more) before arriving at our centre may not require further detox, but we may recommend that they provide a medical clearance certificate from a family doctor or medical facility. If medical detox is required, we work collaboratively with a service provider to arrange a time that coincides with admission into CHRC so that there is a seamless transition from detox directly into treatment. We can arrange to have one of our qualified staff provide transport to our centre.

We do not prescribe psychotropic drugs as part of our treatment program. If a client has previously been prescribed these medications, the client may administer his medication only with staff supervision and adherence to the facility protocol.

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