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CHRC recognizes that when a loved one is suffering from addiction, the lives of the family and friends around them are profoundly affected. Family members and close friends often experience the same feelings of confusion, anger, frustration, hurt and guilt as the individual who directly experiences the illness. Trust and communication are often damaged or destroyed, resulting in a sense of helplessness. Addressing the addiction can be one of the hardest steps for the family to take. Family members are often at a loss, not knowing what to do or how to approach their loved one for fear of further harming the relationship.

Family support is a factor that we believe is essential to successful recovery and we strongly encourage the participation of family members on their loved one’s road to recovery. At CHRC, our dedicated, passionate team of highly trained professionals offers personalized treatment programs that are supported by a strong foundation of positive, frequent family involvement.

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Every second Saturday the family is invited to come and spend the day at our rehab centre. We provide educational programs that will assist in their understanding of addiction and recovery. Family members will spend the morning participating in these supportive and dynamic recovery workshops and information sessions that aim to increase their involvement in the recovery process. We address maladaptive patterns established in the family and offer support with the changing dynamics. Families learn how to rebuild trust, set new boundaries, understand relapse, and practise self-care at our rehab centre. Lunch is provided and can be enjoyed with your loved-one in our dining room. Afternoon sessions begin at 1 p.m. and run until 3 p.m. The remainder of the afternoon is open to be spent visiting or accessing the clinical team.

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