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Spirituality and Recovery

Spirituality is a difficult subject to explore but not because it isn’t simple, but because we are complicated beings. Our unique approach disarms the often oppositional understanding of faith and instead focuses on the connection at the heart.  The spirituality component is a natural fit in the holistic vision of CHRC treating the body, mind, and spirit, and highlighting the beautiful ways these all overlap. At CHRC we are not interested in converting individuals to a specific religion, instead, we are interested in inspiring them to consider or reconsider Spirituality as an incredible tool in their toolbox towards sobriety and a better life.

Our approach begins by letting go of a singular story that what we have experienced on this subject is all there is to know.  In no way does this approach negate the individual’s own personal experiences with religion whether good or too often traumatic.  Instead, it becomes an opportunity to let go of what one feels is no longer true or now harmful for their growth towards hope and freedom.  With insight from the ancient wisdom traditions and the rich religious history of human experience, we explore ideas around faith and belief, suffering, and joy.  The sessions are not debates or lectures, instead, they are interactive and filled with inspiring stories meant to instill an appetite for more. Opportunities for individual sessions are provided each week which allows for a more tailored personal approach.

Finding the light after a long walk in the dark.

– Aaron H, CHRC Spiritual Coach

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