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Outdoor adventure programming provides our clients an additional classroom for learning and growth. Facing the challenges of weather, terrain, and travel as a collective group offer an accelerated environment for improving an individual’s physical, social, spiritual and psychological wellbeing. The healing power of outdoor adventure leverages the inherent learning and growth potential latent in nature-based activities and expeditions to increase self-awareness, pro-social relational skills, and distress tolerance.

Our experienced staff use a variety of tools to stimulate growth with clients. A key concept to outdoor adventure programming is to help clients become more comfortable with discomfort so that they know how to grow their capacity to be resilient. Clients can step out of their comfort zones in a variety of ways. For many of our clients who have not spent significant time in the outdoors, the whole concept of a wilderness experience is a stretch. Our clients with more experience in the outdoors will still be faced with the discomfort of working with less experienced people and reconsidering how the outdoors could be a part of their recovery.

CHRC elevates traditional outdoor education activities to transformational experiences by integrating bushcraft survival workshops with the concept of pilgrimage. Pilgrims are on active spiritual journeys looking for new meaning and purpose and this unique paradigm allows our clients to bring a heightened sense of expectation and intention to their activities. Adopting the identity of pilgrim helps them practice a growth mindset that looks for lessons and application opportunities in life’s everyday experiences.

Outdoor adventure programming can be a unique way for clients who are less comfortable with more formal talk counselling or group therapy to make progress with their recovery. The balance of Outdoor Adventure Programming with traditional counselling and group sessions can often function to accelerate the pace of growth and increase the potential for breakthroughs with motivation and prioritization.

Outdoor adventure programming frequently becomes an unexpected way for clients to make progress with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, eating disorders, and of course substance use disorders. Clients of all ages can benefit from being out in natural surroundings on a shared journey. Our staff shapes our adventures to ensure that they are accessible to everyone. Knowing that someone may need to carry less weight or go at a slower pace, is an opportunity for the group to practice empathy and for those who are able to shoulder more of the burden.

We provide our clients with a variety of hands-on survival bushcraft skills workshops and work to integrate them into our different seasonal adventures:

· knife skills
· axe skills
· primitive fire-making
· shelter improvisation
· foraging for food and water
· snowshoeing
· canoe paddling and portaging 

Live a story worth telling.
– Jay Leham, Life coach

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